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MAKING MONEY AT HOME                   377
my own garden. Along in August the tops of the onions were dry. We cut the tops off while the onions were standing in the ground. Then we pulled them out with a cultivator and raked them together with a rake. After this, the onions lay on the field a while to dry. Then they were picked up, put into bags, and my brother put them on the truck and took them to market. I got as high as $1.00 to $1.50 a bag for my onions. After the onions were out of the field, my father pulverized the ground several times. Then we sowed radishes where the onions had been. The radishes are all sold now.
The first parsley I sold was on June 29. We could only bunch our parsley three times, because the season is too short.
I also raised asters on my ground. My teacher gave me the plants, and showed me how to plant them. He also showed me how to pinch the center out of the asters. And how to break the little side branches off so the asters have long stems.
From my small garden I have sold $132.65 worth of veg­etables and flowers. I am going to loan my money to my father and get interest on it.
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