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MAKING MONEY AT HOME                   379
spruce wood, which, after being* carefully dried, are fastened on by means of brads and then varnished. Many attractive and beautiful effects have been accomplished by means of slender branches of bright-colored woods wired together; red cedar, red birch, and black walnut make an effective combina­tion. Squares of white birch bark and the green pine cones also make a good combination.
In selecting the flowers for the boxes, the inexperienced boy would do well to consult a reliable florist; but in case there is none at hand, then choose flowers which continue in bloom all summer, such as. geraniums, petunias, nasturtiums, sweet alyssum, pansies, phlox drummondii, and other showy annuals. The best plan is to send for several seed catalogues and study the same faithfully.
Not long ago The American Boy offered prizes for essays by their boy readers on the subject, "How I Made Money Last Summer." Two hundred and eighty-eight boys answered and their answers proved that they had made a total of $8,524.80 during the season. Some of their answers are very interest­ing, as showing how American boys are making good. A few of them are given below.
The Berries
About a week before school closed in June I thought of a scheme which I thought ought to be successful. While on my way home from school that afternoon I went to a number of housewives of Dunmore, asking every one I went to if they would buy any huckleberries they might need, from me. I did this every afternoon while school was in session, and when it closed I was ready to start to work. The day after school closed I went up to the towns in the mountains and bought all the berries I could get at the railroad stations for four and five cents a quart. When I got as many quarts as I could get for the day I put them in crates and had them sent to Dunmore. Next day I took them around on the cart and sold them. Every second day during the season I would
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