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go out to the towns and buy a- fresh supply of berries and the next day I would sell them. I got eleven cents a quart on an average, during the season. When the season was over, I figured out that I had sold nearly twenty-four hundred quarts of berries that cost me one hundred and twenty dollars, and after deducting expenses, gave me a profit of about one hun­dred and thirty dollars for the season.
The Auto-Cleaners
About a week after we had received our automobile I noticed how quickly it needed cleaning, oiling, and greasing. I also noticed that all the garages along the roadside, no matter how small, seemed to be prospering, so I asked my father if I might use his barn for my garage. He consented, and I wrote to a New York dealer and ordered my supplies. This done, my brother and I set off to find customers. One gentleman we saw knew several of the doctors in our town, and, following his advice, I called, telling them of my propo­sition. I was .fortunate enough to secure most of them, clean­ing and greasing their automobiles during their office hours.
I kept this work up until school started, when I was obliged to drop it. But before doing so I made arrangements for next year's work. From the latter part of July to the tenth of September I sold ten gallons of oil, six pounds of grease, and cleaned approximately forty automobiles. During this time I was amply supplied with spending money, replaced my stocks, bought a new tire for my bicycle, and the balance of my profits is in my father's care.
My Camera
I own a postcard camera and do my own developing and printing. While living in a country town this summer I took some views along the river and mountains. When finished I showed the postcards to a local storekeeper, immediately re­ceiving an order for five hundred at two dollars and twenty-five cents a hundred. The total cost of the finished cards was
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