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MAKING MONEY AT HOME                   383
D. C, and see whether you cannot make the nicest row of jellies, canned fruits, and vegetables that were ever found in your cellar. If you would like some pin money, you will find your friends in town will want to purchase your products because you have a better opportunity than they to put up fruits and vegetables.
Making a Garden.—Ask for a quarter of an acre or more in which to make a garden all your own. You will be inter­ested to know how it makes one grow to work with plants in one's own garden. A woman told me her husband gave her an acre of land to see what she could make upon it. She lived near a good market. At the end of the year she had made more money than her husband on his entire farm.
Poultry Raising.—Girls seem to have the knack of making a success of poultry raising. If you cannot start with a large flock, take some broody hens from the farm roost, and with a few good settings of eggs see how much you can make in one season. Try to get a better looking flock than the old one. It will do you good to hear them express themselves because you have fed them well and made them happy.
Household Accounts.—Perhaps father and mother have not time to keep the farm and household accounts. Every business succeeds better when this is done. This fs as true of the household business as of the farm business. The daughter of the household may become a good bookkeeper, and thus save many dollars on the farm.
Taking Contracts
One boy in a small community distributed cards at the beginning of the summer vacation, indicating that he was ready, upon call, to run errands and carry messages. His telephone number was in a conspicuous place upon the card. At once he secured considerable business which he developed by mailing out a second reminder and by means of the com­mendations of those whom he had served faithfully. It was necessary, of course, for him to be within telephone call dur­ing the entire day time.
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