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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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384                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
This plan could also be worked during the school year after school hours. The boy might have a card which would read something as follows :
One boy puts it all down. This is his year's record:
"I have $20 in the bank which I have earned as follows:
$3.00 picking strawberries,
$2.00 picking currants,
$5.00 milking a cow,
$7.00 shoveling snow for neighbors,
$1.00 cleaning yard,
$1.50 odd jobs,
$0.50 selling knives."
Another boy tried this, with the following result: "I have over $80 in the bank. Four years ago next sum­mer I started a half-dime delivery and have earned over $50 doing errands. People 'phone for me and I have many errands to do out of school. I am thirteen years old."
The "Back Yard Workshop"
Very enterprising is a bright Southern boy. He lives in a town in Georgia, and he set up a "Back Yard Workshop." He got the idea for it from The Boy Craftsman. He began by doing odd jobs for his own family, mending chairs, locks, doorknobs, making screens for the windows, flower boxes and such things. There is always something getting out of order around a house, especially when boys are about, as you all
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