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MAKING MONEY AT HOME                  385
know. Then, too, there are ever so many things a boy can make for the home, if he keeps his eyes open and his fingers busy. This boy soon had window boxes at every window, and some comfortable seats around the trees in the yard. It didn't take long for the neighbors to wake up to what he was doing, and very soon they were hiring him to mend their pieces of broken furniture, and make boxes. After a while he got that book on "Box Furniture" by Louise Bingham, and he has made some very good-looking articles.
The Job Boy
The winter is a harvest season for boys to earn money. Snow has to be shoveled off sidewalks, paths made, porches cleaned; lots of work of this sort is to be done. Three boys out in Michigan got the job of keeping the paths open in their neighborhood. They have some snow in Michigan, you know, and in a little suburban town, where there are many vacant lots, it means something to keep paths open so that the people can get about. But these boys did it. They made a snow-plow. "Harper's Outdoor Book" and Dan Beard's "American Boy's Handbook" told them how to do it. None of the people of their section had to complain that winter-about wading through snow-drifts to get to the store or to the station or each other's houses. Every householder paid a small amount, but altogether it made a very nice sum for the boys.
An Upholsterer
A girl in Utah upholstered some chairs for her mother so satisfactorily that the neighbors employed her to fix up some of their worn pieces of furniture. She charges very moderately, and she is earning quite a lot of money.
The General Helper
A girl Li Indiana let it be known that she was ready to help, if unexpected company came, or if someone was sick
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