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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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MAKING MONEY AT HOME                   387
The Child Lover
One girl in Vermont is a great lover of children. So on Saturday mornings, when mothers are very busy baking and straightening up the house, she goes around and gathers in all the children, and off they go for the entire morning to be taken care of by her. When they can, they play outdoors. But in the winter, or when it is too stormy, they troop into a spare room her mother lets her have and which she has made into a regular playroom. The children have grand times, their mothers know they are safe and being well taken care of.
Occasional Activities
Following is a list of occasional activities, of a wholesome character, that have been actually followed by boys or girls of elementary school age:
Raking leaves
Washing porches
Shoveling sidewalks
Cleaning cellars
Beating rugs
Mowing lawns
Washing windows
Filling envelopes
Cleaning cars and garages
Delivering statements
Making and selling dolls' wardrobes
Hemming napkins and tablecloths
Starting and selling tomato plants
Making and selling Canton flannel work-gloves
Raising herbs for seasoning in window-boxes
Picking berries
Making and selling bird-houses
Distributing circulars
Tending furnaces
Reading meters.
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