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O NE of the most effective ways of stamping out disease is to have regard for those laws and conditions by which the body may usually be kept in a state of health. No one of intelligence or experience would deny that many people come into the world with such a legacy of physical sins handed down from their ancestors, near and remote, that they are fatally handicapped, and succumb after a short struggle, some­times hastening the issue by disregard or ignorance of their inherited weakness, and sometimes yielding after every precau­tion which they and their friends may have taken to rid them of the fatal incubus.
Knowledge which appertains to the ordinary care of the body in health, or while disease is yet in abeyance, is various­ly known as sanitary science, preventive medicine, hygiene, etc. Its great importance is dawning upon the minds of the people as it did long since upon the minds of the doctors. It is not quite true, as Dr. O. W. Holmes has said, that "If all the medicine in the world were sunk in the sea it would be better for humanity and worse for fish," but it is true that, with suitable precautions, when one is well he may often avoid being sick, and consequently avoid the necessity of taking medicine.
The human machinery may be deranged and get out of order in so many ways that it would seem only the part of common sense to give a little time to the consideration of the problems which affect at least the physical well-being of everyone.
When Pope wrote that "The proper study of mankind is
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