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stantly charged with moisture is undesirable and is almost certain to intensify disease in which there is moisture of the skin, and debilitating discharges from the mucous membranes. Change of climate and removal from the familiar surroundings of home is not recommended for those who are far advanced in disease of whatever nature. However balmy the atmos­phere, or exhilarating the breezes, or soothing the sunlight, it is not home, and only excites the lament of the exiled Switzer: " Ach mein Land, meine Gebirge" Such a removal often has­tens the final issue, and while in hopeless cases this may not be a decided objection, because of the relief to Suffering which it affords, it remains a fact that with most of us, if we were allowed to choose our method of departure, there would be a preference to close our eyes to the present stage of existence in the company of those we love and who love us, and with the objects around us to which we have been accustomed, and which association has made almost a part of us.
Change of climate and of residence is for those whom dis­ease may have attacked but not overcome, and who still have good resisting power It is astonishing how many in this cate­gory find recovery and restoration to health by migration to a climate suited to their condition, and are enabled to continue their life-work in the new environment, or in some cases to go back again with safety to their former home. A discussion of the various health resorts for various forms of disease would be too exacting upon the limits of this essay.
Quality of Drinking Water
When we realize that from two-thirds to three-quarters of the entire weight of the body is water, that most of our food is water, and that many people are taking one or two quarts of it in an undiluted condition every day of their lives, in ac * to that which is constantly taken in combination with food, it becomes a matter of decided importance to know that it is pure and potable.
Potable water may be defined as a fluid which is reasonably free from noxious germs and from harmful ingredients of all
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