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KEEPING WELL                              407
which permeate a house with defective structure or defective
plumbing, are not always offensive; they may be odorless. 1 hey
are probably responsible for much disease, but perhaps not for
as much as is charged to them. It is for the interest of certain
tradespeople and others to keep up an agitation of this kind,
and particularly when, as in this case, there is a foundation of
The Healthy Home
The consideration of the home from the hygienic standpoint is susceptible of a great variety of treatment, according as it is in the country or the city, isolated or united more or less closely with other buildings, massive or flimsy in its construction, costly or inexpensive. And yet there are certain conditions which ought to be satisfied, wherever and whatever the home may be. We are considering the home particularly as the abode or the place of living of human beings.
It goes without saying that the home should be built of substantial materials, having in view always the corroding effects of the elements, heat, moisture, and time. If you are building the home, give the contract, by all means, to a builder who has experience and character. Otherwise, and especially if he finds he has miscalculated as to his profits, you may expect he will use unseasoned timber, untempered mortar, and work­men who will bear watching. A home built under such unfa­vorable conditions will always be a source of vexation, expense, . and dissatisfaction.
Dryness in a house is essential to health. Cellars and ground adjacent to the home should be well drained. Walls that are inclined to be moist should be dried by throwing doors and windows open, and letting in the air and sunlight; also by artificial heat if the former method is ineffective. If this does not avail, and the walls persist in being moist, abandon the house; it is unfit for residence.
Air and Sunlight
The best houses are those which are open to the air and light on all sides. If this is impossible to obtain—and it is im-
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