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KEEPING WELL                              429
Breathe always through the nose and from the diaphragm. Keep the air in the room fresh by day and by night. Breathe deeply to keep the mind clear, the blood pure, and the spirits buoyant.
Let the weight of clothing hang from the shoulders.
Have the clothing loose enough to allow free play of the diaphragm in breathing and of the limbs in exercise.
Protect the feet and ankles from exposure to wet and cold.
Keep the chest well protected but do not over-wrap the neck.
Have meals absolutely regularly and at proper intervals.
Choose foods adapted to present needs. Study adaptation of foods so as to know how to choose.
Drink 'at least six glasses of pure water daily, between meals.
Always think and speak of something pleasant while eat­ing.
Free the body from poisonous waste by keeping the bowels active.
By keeping the pores of the skin open.
By using a great deal of well-planned, vigorous exercise.
By general cleanliness.
Take a cold tonic sponge or shower bath every day when in good health.
Take a warm cleansing bath once or twice a week.
Keep the mouth and skin free from dirt and germs.
Give perfect care to the hair and the finger-nails.
Wash the hands before eating or serving food.
Brush the teeth at least twice every day—on rising and on retiring; after every meal is better still.
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