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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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432                        IDEAL HOME LIFE
When bleeding is stopped, give hot drinks of tea, coffee, or milk.
After bleeding has been stopped, cover the wound at once with surgically clean gauze and bandage. A soiled covering is worse than none at all, and may cause blood poisoning. Keep patient absolutely quiet.
If tight bandage constricting the limb has been applied, release it slightly, so as to restore the circulation of blood.
Fainting From Bleeding.—Lay patient down with head lower than body, see that he has plenty of fresh air to breathe, loosen all tight cloth­ing from waist up. Keep limbs elevated; apply warmth. When again conscious attend to any bleeding that occurs; give hot drinks.
Bleeding Don'ts
Don't use lukewarm water to stop bleeding—it only increases it. Use either ice, ice-cold water, or water as hot as can be borne.
Don't apply cobwebs, tobacco, mud, or other styptics to stop bleeding.
Don't give stimulants to bleeding patients.
Don't put bare fingers into a bleeding wound.
Don't keep tight bandages applied longer than necessary.
Don't apply any dressing or bandage except surgically clean ones.
Wound Dressing Hints
Send for a surgeon.
Do not touch the wound with bare'unclean hands. Arrest bleeding. Do not disturb blood clots.
Remove foreign substances when it can be easily done. Never probe for a bullet.
Do not wash wounds with water only, though supposed to be clean. Bring the edges of the wound together.
Cover the wound as quickly as possible, using such materials as are found in First Aid Outfits.
Keep the part quiet with a sling or splint. Rest is essential to the healing of wounds.
Poisoned Wounds
Snake Bite.—Don't stop to kill snake.
Tear open clothing and expose wound quickly. .
Bandage limb tightly above wound partly to stop circulation.
Open the holes made by the snake's fangs with a sharp knife. Cut outward and lengthwise of the limb. Let the blood run from the knife-cut. Sucking the wound, expectorating the poison, answers the same purpose, but less effectively.
Get patient to surgeon as soon as possible. Keep pressure applied.
Bites of Dogs, Cats, Etc.—First wash with Synol Soap or Camphenol solution and apply hartshorn. If the animal has been sick, treat these wounds the same as snake bites. Get case in surgeon's hands speedily.
Insect Bites and Stings.—The sting of a centipede or a scorpion and the bite of a tarantula and often of the spider are of serious character and require prompt treatment like that for snake bite. Treat antisepti-cally and call a surgeon. The sting of a bee, wasp, or hornet is usually left in the wound and should be removed if it can be found. Then
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