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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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434                        IDEAL HOME LIFE
Place part in position easiest to the sufferer, supporting it on pillows or pads. Apply hot wet cloths.
Simple dislocation of the finger can often be reduced by strong pulling on the finger and pressure on bone at joint to get it in place. When in place bind finger, not too tight, with bandage or strip of "Z O" Adhesive Plaster.
A twist or wrench at the joint. Intense pain and rapid swelling.
Sprains are not such slight injuries as often imagined. A surgeon should be consulted in every case.
The most important thing is absolute rest. Handle a sprain as little as possible.
Ankle or Foot Sprains.—Wrap in folded gauze or towel and immerse in a bucket of hot water, adding more water from time to time as hot as can be borne, from 20 to 30 minutes. Then bandage evenly and tightly and keep limb elevated.
Wrist Sprains.—Wrap same as in ankle sprains and apply hot water continuously for one-half hour; then bandage and splint; support in a sling.
Burns and Scalds
Carry patient to a place of safety. If severe send for surgeon. Re­move clothing from burns. Let the water out of blisters by piercing them low on side with* point of needle that has been passed several times through a flame or washed in antiseptic solution. Cover burns to exclude air. Never hold a burn to heat.
Slight Bums.—Apply solution of common baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), made by dissolving in water as much baking soda as the water will take up. Cover with clean gauze cloth.
Severe Burns.—Remove clothing by ripping up seams and cutting away; if clothing sticks around burned part, wet with warm water or oil. When extensive, quickly dress a little at a time, exclude air by covering surfaces.
Remove patient to a cool place, apply sweet oil, carbolized petrola­tum, lard, olive or carron oil (equal parts of linseed oil and lime water), vaseline or white of an egg.
In absence of oils, dust burned parts with starch or flour. If noth­ing else is at hand use moistened earth or clay.
Get burns covered as quickly as possible. The best means of ap­plying oils is to dip the gauze .cloth into the oil and lay it upon the burned surface. Vaseline or other grease should be spread thickly upon the gauze.
Then cover the gauze dressing with layers of cotton and bind all loosely with triangular or ribbon bandage.
Shock usually accompanies severe burns and should be treated ac­cordingly.
Scalded Mouth or Throat.—Apply either of the oils or white of egg by drinking them.
// Clothing Catches Fire.—Throw person down, wrap him in a rug, coat or shawl, roll him on the floor until flames are extinguished.
Burns from Caustic Lye or Strong Ammonia.—Flood with water, then with vinegar and then treat as if burned by fire.
Burns from Acid.—Flood with water and wash with solution of bak­ing soda.
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