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Lime in the Eyes.—Flood with water and bathe with diluted vinegar or lemon juice.
Sun Burns.—Cover with baking soda, vaseline or oil, bind with cloth.
Frost Bite.—Rub frozen parts with snow or bits of ice, or put into cold baths. Afterward rub with cloth wet with warm water, whiskey or alcohol.
Unconsciousness, Etc.
Sunstroke.—Remove to shady place. Lay patient down, head level with body and loosen tight clothing. Pour cold water over head and face. Rub body with pieces of ice. Apply heat to extremities.
Fainting.—Lay patient flat and loosen tight clothing around neck, chest, and waist. Allow free access of air. Bathe hands and face with cold water. When conscious give tea, coffee, aromatic spirits of am­monia, one-half teaspoonful to half glass of water.
Fits.—Kneel by patient, put one arm under his head and with the other hand undo his collar.
Place the handle of a pen-knife or any hard substance in a handker­chief and put between the teeth to prevent biting the tongue.
Do not restrain his movements. Do not give anything to drink.
Unconsciousness.—Lay patient flat, head slightly raised. Apply cold water to head. Keep body warm. Apply hot water bottles to soles of feet. Give no stimulants.
Concussion or Stunning.—Proceed as in fainting.
Hysterics.—Do not restrain patient, nor sympathize with him in any way. In many cases the patient will recover best if left entirely alone.
Mustard plasters may be applied to soles of feet, wrists, and palms of hands.
Foreign Bodies in Eye, Nose, Ear, and Throat
Foreign Bodies in Eye.—Do not rub the eye. Keep it closed and let tears gather to wash substance to corner. Do not use a handkerchief. First try to remove with a piece of surgically clean gauze. If not pos­sible to wipe out the substance from the eye, blowing the nostril at the same side is often effective.
If body is under lid, pull lid up, and with a wisp of clean gauze or absorbent cotton twisted on the end of a match it may be removed.
Whether you get the substance out or not, put into the eye a few drops of vegetable oil (sweet oil, etc.). It is generally unnecessary to bandage the eye.
Foreign Body in Nose.—Blow the nose hard, holding opposite nostril. Excite sneezing.
Have patient take a full breath, then give a sharp blow on the back between the shoulders.
In a child, such an obstruction may be removed by blowing into opposite nostril or into the mouth.
Foreign Bodies in the Ear.—For immediate relief put a few drops of warm oil into the ear.
Never probe for it with wire, needles or pins. Send for a surgeon.
Live insects which get into the ear will usually withdraw if ear is turned to a strong light.
Foreign Bodies in Throat.—Send for surgeon. Make patient cough by slapping him on the back. Bend him forward, face downward.
If object is not dislodged thus, then press two fingers back into throat so as to grasp it; this may be successful even by causing patient to vomit forth the object.
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