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Such an exercise as sitting on a stool, placing the feet under the piano or dresser, and then lowering the upper body back- . ward, until the head touches the floor, and rising again, would be splendid. Although movements of this nature may not be just the lightest exercise in the world, yet they are such that any ordinary boy or girl can quickly develop the strength to do them. They are very effective, and even ten or fifteen minutes devoted to such work would accomplish great results. When I speak of avoiding overexertion, I do not mean that the exercise should not be muscularly vigorous. In fact, it is desirable that some of it should be decidedly vigorous. The key-note of success here lies in such moderation as to quantity of exercise that there will be no strain on the vital organs. The exercises may call for real strength, but should not be too long sustained. That is to say, any very vigorous exertion should not be continued long enough to overtax the heart. I realize that in the majority of cases there is prac­tically no likelihood of this, but it is just as well to use discre­tion in such matters.
Strengthen Internal Organs
To a very large extent the free movements employed, where they are not specially intended for corrective purposes, should simply be vitality building exercises. One cannot give too much attention to strengthening the internal organs. And do not forget that the latter are not only influenced directly by exercise for the region of the waist, the abdomen, the back and chest, but they are very greatly affected by the posture of the body. All movements that tend to improve this, therefore, especially stretching and chest-raising movements, will be ad­vantageous.
Gymnastic Work
But along with such vitality building exercises, gymnastic work on apparatus will be very valuable at this time of life, and as a rule it may be taken up seriously and extensively
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