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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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women during these years, as a means of perfecting their development and improving their outlines. Special and sys­tematic exercises will give them clean, beautiful lines and the shapely contour of young womanhood. A firm bust for in­stance can be absolutely insured by proper training at this time, together with freedom in later life from the many weak­nesses common to women. The ultimate bodily development of both the young women and the young men begins to take form and manifest itself during* these years.
Average Weight
It is impossible to say definitely just what should be the weight and height of any boy or girl at a specified age. It is possible that a certain individual may at a certain year in youth bear some definite relation to the height and weight and development that he will ultimately attain, but inasmuch as it is impossible to know just what one is destined to become in his maturity, in respect to weight and height, one cannot even venture a guess as to what should be his development at a certain age. Furthermore, the differences in rapidity of growth make any conjecture entirely out of the question. Averages have been made of the height and weight of boys and girls at certain ages, but these averages do not mean that every one must conform to these figures in order to be normal. Again the differences in type and build between the thick-set and the slender make for great variations in height and weight.
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