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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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460                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
man to enter an athletic contest at the present day without taking a course of preparatory training to get himself in condi­tion. But the pursuit of a trade, business, or profession is no less a struggle, in which those who are best prepared and who keep themselves in the best working condition, both mentally and physically, win success, while those who are poorly pre­pared, through lack of a good inheritance or education, or who neglect to keep themselves in fine physical condition, drop out of the contest and give up the race. It must be apparent to every one that in order not only to attain eminence, but even to hold one's own in the struggles of the business world, a man must always be at his best.
How to keep one's self physically fit to meet the duties and responsibilities of everyday life is a vital matter, worthy of consideration by every individual.
There is a great natural truth, universally demonstrated with regard to the various forms of living organisms embraced in the animal life of the world; and that is, when all the func­tions of the body work together harmoniously, such as the digestion, the respiration, the circulation, and the excretion, there is found a normal, strong, healthy organism, capable of existing under conditions that would mean the quick dissolu­tion of one in which there was a derangement of the natural functions.
The human body is a most intricate piece of machinery. It may be compared to a steam engine which requires fuel, water, and oxygen. It obtains heat by the burning of the fuel with oxygen; the waste products that result from the combustion take the form of carbonic acid gas, urea, etc.
To insure a continued, harmonious working of this machine, all the parts must be properly developed and adjusted, one to another, and there must be a constant supply of the fuel (food), water and oxygen.
This complex machine has the power of effecting repairs resulting from ordinary wear and tear, under proper conditions, so that with the proper treatment, the span of its existence might be indefinite.
Briefly, the digestive organs supply the blood with fuel,
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