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attendant malformation of the inclosed vessels. Ideal muscu­lar development, moreover, should extend throughout the entire body; embracing not only strong external muscular tissues, but sound, strong heart, lungs, and internal organs, and should be accompanied by a harmonious working of those organs.
Good digestion, restful sleep, and a pink skin are the best indications of such a condition. To the untutored eye, one who possesses the ideal development may not appear to be so powerful as either of the two false types I have mentioned, but place individuals representing each type in a position requiring endurance, or a manifestaton of general bodily strength, and the ideal development will triumph in every instance, provided, of course, that the individuals are of similar height and weight.
For the acquisition of this form of development the greatest care is necessary. The body must not only be supplied with proper food, as stated in the preceding chapter, but care must be taken to begin the exercise in such a manner that there is an even development throughout the entire muscular system; and to have the muscles, during exercise, in the most favorable condition. There must always be a full supply of blood to the muscle in use, and, to obtain this, attention must be constantly directed to full, deep inhalations of pure air.
I have stated before that proper care in masticating food should bf<. used freely by those who would secure a good, sound physique. It is not less important that the lungs be regularly and thoroughly employed. The purification of the blood—the burning out of the dead, waste matter in it by contact with oxygen—occurs in the lungs, and in order to furnish the proper kind of blood to your muscles, you must thoroughly oxidize it in the lungs. Bear this in mind, later, when you come to the exercises, and acquire the habit of proper breathing as quickly as you can.
; Muscular development should be undertaken with a view to secre quickness of response, or suppleness, as well as to acquire resisting power. To do this the amount of resistance imposed jpon the various muscles must be carefully graded. Any mus­cle, or set of muscles, subjected to a weight, or resisting force,
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