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cises every morning and evening. The individual who would gain strength rapidly will continue the breathing exercises at intervals during the day, and gradually accustom himself to a habit of proper breathing. This is only arrived at when one has learned not only the proper method, but has so schooled the various muscles employed in breath­ing that they perform their functions involuntarily.
To attain this object, one should cul­tivate a correct habit of walking and carrying the body.
Always walk with head erect and shoulders thrown back. Then as you start off inhale, through the nose, all the air the lungs will hold, breathing ab-              Walking—Fig. 1.
dominally or diaphragmatically. When
the lungs have thus been filled to their utmost capacity, retain the air while you take a stride, and then exhale quickly, emptying the lungs as completely as possible (Fig. 1).
At the start never attempt to forcibly expand the chest. Simply breathe naturally. When you have acquired the habit of taking full, deep breaths, and have practiced the exercises given in subsequent lessons, you will find that your chest will expand naturally.
General Directions
1.  These exercises should be taken twice each day.
2.  The best time to exercise is immediately after rising, and
just before retiring.
3.  Clothing prevents the free movements of the body, and also
hinders the excretory function of the skin, consequently have as little clothing on when you exercise as possible. The best way for the healthy to exercise is nude.
4.  The exercises should be taken in a room thoroughly venti-
lated, by open window, but avoid drafts during first week of your practice.
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