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5.  Immediately after exercising, take cool (not cold) sponge
bath. It is important that the bath should immediately follow exercise, as it cleanses body of matter forced out of pores by the movements.
6.  Rub body dry, briskly with rough towel, from head to foot,
till skin is pink.
7.  In the instructions that follow, we will frequently allude to
"rigid" or "flexed" muscles. You should learn how to produce this condition at once. The muscles of the hands, wrists, and arms are made rigid by clinching hands and throwing your will into movement, as if you were lifting or pushing a heavy weight. The muscles of legs and body may be "flexed" or made rigid by assuming attitude you would in supporting a weight, and holding it. Keep this in mind when exercising, as /results largely de­pend on the will power you put into your exercises.
8.  Interest may be kept alive in the exercises by practicing be-
fore a mirror; you will also learn how to make the move­ments accurately.
9.  These exercises should be taken regularly and strictly
according to directions. Do not miss a single day. Half­hearted, spasmodic work will not bring the results you desire.
10.  You should get in the habit of flexing your muscles—i.e.,
making them rigid—at intervals during the day. You will find great benefit, for instance, from stretching or "flex­ing" the muscular system, just as you have seen a dog or cat do, during leisure moments, in your office, or when you change from sitting to standing position. Attention to this will make the muscles firm quickly without much apparent effort on your part.
11.  If muscles become sore after two or three days' exercise,
don't become alarmed. Continue the movements, but do not attempt to make the muscles very rigid for a day or two, till soreness disappears.
12.  Allow,five or ten seconds to elapse between exercises, and
during this interval allow muscles to thoroughly relax.
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