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Exercises without Apparatus
Exercise 1
S TAND erect, arms extended as far as possible above the head, hands tightly clenched. Hold the body rigid, and the head firmly braced (Fig. 1).
Bend the arms at elbows, keeping muscles as firmly flexed as possible, and drop hands towards shoulders, turning hands downward firmly at the wrist. Continue the downward move­ment till tlie thumbs touch the shoulder, then thrust the arms straight upward to the starting position, straightening the wrist as you make the upward movement. Make this movement as if you were striking at something slightly out of your reach.
Begin with twelve movements, and increase to sixteen second week.                        Lesson i—Fig. 1.
This exercise will develop the muscles of the forearm, biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles, and stimulate the circulation of the upper part of the body.
Exercise 2
Stand erect, with heels together, hands tightly pressed against hips, shoulders back. Without allowing the body to sway from side to side, raise the right foot as high as it can be
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