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These exercises will develop the pectoral and other muscles of the chest, and increase the chest expansion and breathing capacity.
Exercise 5
Stand erect, heels together, hands
placed firmly against the thighs; hold the
legs rigid and perpendicular; then bend
the body at the waist, alternately to right
and left, as far as possible without losing
balance. Make this movement slowly and
deliberately, practicing deep and regular
breathing (Fig. 4).
Begin with twenty movements and
increase ten second week.
Lesson I—Fig. 4.
This exercise will give elasticity to the
diaphragm, strengthen the muscular walls of the abdomen,
stimulate the circulation and kidneys, and
develop the supporting muscles of the lower half of the spinal column. Supple­ness and a more graceful carriage will also be secured.
Exercise 6
Stand erect, heels together, hands ex­tended straight over head, palms turned to the front (Fig. 5). Bend at the waist, keeping knees rigid, and sweep downward with extended arms, until fingers point to the floor (Fig. 6).
Lesson I—Fig. 5.
Try every time you
make this movement to touch the floor, then return to starting position, holding arms straight, and sweep­ing outward and upward with the hands. Perform the movements quickly.
Begin with twenty-five movements and
increase to thirty-five the second week.                 Lesson i—Fig. 6.
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