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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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478                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
This exercise will greatly promote suppleness, strengthen the muscles of the back and sides, and tone up the action of bowels and kidneys.
Exercise 7
Lesson I—Fig. 7.
Stand erect, hands clenched and resting on the hips; breathe slowly and regularly; hold the legs and body rigid, and turn, at the waist, as if on a pivot, slowly and deliberately, from side to side as far as possible (Fig. 7). In making this movement hold the abdomen in. Continue until you are slightly tired.
This movement is to aid in gaining control of the abdominal muscles, and to stimulate the internal organs.
After you have devoted two weeks to the first lesson, the second lesson may be taken up. Go through the movements of the first lesson every day, morning and evening, repeating each exercise eight to ten times, and follow with the exercises included in this lesson. If you are regular in your exercising, and do not omit them, you should begin to see considerable im­provement in your muscular condition by the time you have concluded the two weeks allotted to this lesson. Increase the number of movements three to five the second week.
Exercise 1
Stand between two chairs which you have placed back to back about thirty inches apart (Fig. 1). From this position bend the knees and the arms, allowing the body Lesson n—Fig. 1.
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