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to sink between the chairs to a depth of about twelve inches; then extend both arms and legs energetically, bringing the body to an upright position. Be sure to keep the head and shoulders well back, and to lessen the resistance put upon the muscles of the arms and chest by doing the
greater part of the work with the legs. In no wise is it advisable to try to lift the weight of the body between the chairs by the use of the arms alone. Repeat twenty times. This exercise will rapidly develop the muscles of the arms.
Exercise 2
Stand with the feet about twelve
Lesson II—Fig. 2.
inches apart, with the arms extended outward from the sides in a hori­zontal position (Fig. 2). From this position turn as far round as possible to the left, keeping the left arm fully extended, but
allowing the right arm to fold across the
chest until the fingers touch the left shoulder (Fig. 3) ; now reverse the move­ment, turning quickly to the right, swing­ing the right arm well back in a horizontal plane, and allowing the left arm to fold across the chest until the fingers touch the right shoulder.
In doing this exercise concentrate the attention about the muscles of the
waist and loins, but use the arms and legs in swaying from side
to side in such a way as to modify or intensify the strain put upon the center of the body. Re­peat twenty to thirty times in each
direction.                                                                                            Lesson -Fig. 4.
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