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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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Exercise 3
Stand as in Figure 4, arms extended, heels together, mus­cles rigid, hands clenched and palms to the front; then step
forward with left leg, twenty-eight to thirty inches, bending left knee, and bring­ing clenched hands inward until thumbs touch the chest; body slightly bent back­ward at waist when in position of Figure 5. From this position return to that of Figure 4, extending arms to full length, and straightening body to full height, holding muscles rigid. Make ten movements, and then put the right leg forward and make ten additional movements.
Lesson II—Fig. 5.
Exercise 4
Stand erect with arms extended, fingers straight; then, holding arms as nearly in a straight line as possible, and the muscles of legs and
arms rigid, bend at waist till one hand points straight to the floor, and the other straight to the ceiling (Fig. 6) ; straighten body and bend in opposite direction till the position of the arms is reversed. These movements should be made quickly. Repeat fifteen to twenty times.
Exercise 5
Stand with heels together, hands placed firm­
Lesson II—Fig. 6.
ly against the body at the waist;
then lift right leg, sideways, as high as
possible, straightening the foot as the leg
Lesson ii—Fig. 7. is lifted, and swaying the body slightly in
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