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opposite direction; return leg to starting position, and then thrust out left leg in similar manner (Fig. 7). Repeat the exercise ten times with each leg.
Repeat each of the exercises given in the preceding two les­sons ten times, and at their conclusion add the exercises given in this chapter. It will be found of great benefit in developing the muscles of the hands, arms, and shoulders to practice the following exercise several times during the day when opportunity offers.
Clasp the hands behind the back, straighten the arms, and press them in­ward against the sides as firmly as pos­sible, inhaling a full breath in the mean­time, exhaling it as you relax from the movement. Clasp hands in front of the chest, elbows bent till the forearms are in a straight line in front* of the body, and then try to pull hands apart, using all the force, both in grip and pulling, that you can.
Lesson III—Fig. 1.
Exercise 1
Stand erect, then, inclining body slightly forward and lift­ing one leg, clasp hands over knee, straighten the body, and
pull thigh as firmly against the lower part of the abdomen as possible (Fig. 1). Relax, and repeat movement with other leg. Repeat ten times with each leg.
Exercise 2
Stand in a natural position wfth the elbows at the sides and finger points touch­ing, just under the chin. Raise the elbows out from the sides as high as possible, keep­ing the fingers of both hands in contact Lesson Hi—Fig. 2. under the chin, and elevate the right knee to
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