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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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a horizontal position in front of the body, as in illustration (Fig. 2). Return to the original standing position with the elbows at the sides and raise the elbows and left knee; repeat alternately with right and left leg elevated twenty times.
Exercise 3
Stand erect in a natural position, arms at sides, body held perpendicular, and chest
Lesson III—Fig. 3.
out; then, bending both knees, let the body
sink downward, rising slightly on the toes, till you have assumed as nearly as you
can the position of the figure in the illus­tration (Fig. 3), returning to erect posi­tion without moving the feet on the floor. Repeat twenty to thirty times.
Exercise 4
Stand with the right leg advanced di­agonally forward about thirty inches, and the hands held clenched about the height of the hips (Fig. 4). From this position
swing the body forward, pivoting at the
Lesson III—Fig. 4.
hips and throwing the weight well on to the right leg. Extend the arms downward till the fingers touch the floor just beyond the right foot (Fig. 5). Bring the body
to an upright position, pulling the arms upward and backward until
the hands are again on a level with the hips. The movement is a little like that employed in rowing a boat, and the action may be greatly intensified by leaning well back at the end of each stroke, so that the body is on a line with the advanced
Lesson ill—Fig. 5.               leg, and the weight is shifted from
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