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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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the right to the left foot. Repeat fif­teen to twenty times, then place the left leg in position and go through the movement a like number of times.
Exercise 5
Stand with the feet together in a natural position, with the left hand on the hip and the right arm by the side. Raise the right arm upward and side­ways to an extended position above the head; at the same time raise the left leg
Lesson III—Fig. 6.
outward and sideways as far as pos­sible, being careful to keep the moving arm and leg rigidly straight (Fig. 6). Repeat fifteen times, and then make same number cf movements with the left arm and leg.
Exercise 6
Stand with the right foot advanced diagonally about thirty inches, with the left arm folded across the small of the back, and the right arm extended up­ward over the head as far as possible (Fig. 7). From this position incline forward, pivoting on the hips, and touch the floor in front of the right foot
Lesson III—Fig. 7.
with the fingers of the right hand (Fig. 8). Return again to the original position, keeping the right arm rigidly extended and carry it backward as far as possible. Re­peat ten times, and then make ten movements with the left foot ad­vanced and the right arm behind the back.
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