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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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484                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
If you have faithfully followed the directions given in the preceding lessons, omitting none of the exercises, you will have
greatly stimulated your muscular system by the time you have completed the two weeks allotted to the last exercises, with the movements continued from other lessons. We can now proceed to exer­cises requiring considerable endurance, and calculated to harden the muscles rapidly. From this point onward we shall conduct you through movements that will produce athletic muscles. If you have not sufficiently strengthened your muscles by the preceding exercises, to take these without producing sore­ness, or undue strain, merely attempt them, and practice the movements of the Lesson IV—Fig. i. preceding lessons which bring into play
the muscles which show undue weakness. In a very little time you will be able to do the most difficult exercises, and your muscles, while not as hard as wood, will be as hard as a healthy, normal muscle should be. Moreover, they will be evenly developed. Continue the exer­cises of Lessons Two and Three, begin­ning each exercise with the movements given in this lesson.
Exercise 1
Stand with the feet about twenty inches apart, with the weight thrown on the right leg, and the right arm ex­tended upward, and the left arm down by the left side (Fig. 1). From this position bring the left arm sideways and upward, and carry the right arm side­ways and downward, throwing the            Lesson iv—Fig. 2.
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