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weight of the body at the same time on the left foot (Fig. 2). Continue the exercise, throwing the weight of the body first on one leg and then on the other, bending the right knee and swaying the hips to the right and the shoulders to the left as the right arm swings upward and the left arm downward, and reversing the action of the hips, legs, and shoulders as the left arm swings upward and the right arm down­ward. Repeat twenty-five times.
Lesson IV—Fig. 3.
Exercise 2
Stand as in illustration (Fig. 3) ; hands tightly clinched and held against chest; strike out, as if at an object, with left hand, holding right fist against chest, throwing body slightly for­ward, bending left knee, and bringing left foot firmly on the floor, and at the same time straightening the right leg and rais­ing the heel of right foot. Bring the left arm back to starting position, throwing the body backward from the waist up, strik­ing straight in front of the body with the right hand, dropping the weight of body on the right leg, bringing the right foot firmly on the floor and raising the heel of the left foot until the top of the foot nearly forms a straight line with the leg. Make the movement ten times and then change position of the legs, bringing right in front; and repeat ten times.
Exercise 3
Lie at length on back, arms folded on the chest; bring the legs up slowly and steadily, without bending the knees, until they are perpendicular, then press them forward towards the head as far as possible, and return to starting position (Fig. 4). Breathe regularly while making this move­ment. By bringing the feet as far forward as possible, and slightly raising the buttocks each time, the
best results may be obtained. Repeat eight to ten times.
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