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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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Exercise 4
Lie at length, hands clasped back of neck, muscles rigid, then, without lifting the feet, rise slowly to sitting position (Fig. 5), returning from this position to the reclining one.
Lesson IV—Fig. 5.
Repeat ten times.
Exercise 5
Stand erect, arms extended .straight over the head, palms forward, then bend body at waist, bring arms down­ward until the fingers point to the floor, holding knees rigid; then straighten the body, throwing arms over the head and as far backward as you can, as in the illustration (Fig. 6). Repeat ten to fifteen times.
The object of the preceding lessons
has been quite as much to train the muscles to uses other than what they have been subjected to in the ordinary course of your daily life, as to promote development. The splendid development you see in the ath­lete was obtained by work, and if you aspire to a fine athletic physique you must work to obtain it. The exercises in the succeeding lessons, therefore, will be such as require actual muscular exertion. If you have prepared for them by faith­fully going through the preceding lessons, you will be in a con­dition that will enable you to go through the exercises with comparative ease.
These exercises will give you all the "heavy" work needed to perfect your development, without recourse to any form of apparatus, and without entailing the risk of injury from strain.
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