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During the first week of your practice of the following ex­ercises, do them only at night, following the exercises of the preceding lessons; then add them to the morning exercises also, if you have the time. If your time is limited in the morn­ing, you may take them at night only, dropping the exercises included in the first two lessons, and devoting a little more time to these exercises.
Exercise 1
Stand in an open doorway, the feet together, a few inches back from the sill, grasp the sides of the door firmly, at about the height of the chin, press upward with the arms, as if trying to lift a weight over your head; hold this pressure at as great a tension as you can and rise on the toes (Fig. 1). Return the heels to the floor, and repeat the movement until the muscles are slightly tired.
Exercise 2
Stand with the toes on the door sill, hands grasping sides of door (as
Lesson V—Fig. 1.
in Fig. 2) on a level with the chin, bend the body at waist, letting it drop downward slightly, and push backward with legs, making the arms support a part of the weight of the body, as well as resist the push of the legs; then bring the body to a straight line, in­clined at such an angle backward that the arms will be straight, and throw the head as far backward between the shoulders as it will go.
From this position return to the first, and repeat until muscles are tired.
Lesson V —
rig. z.
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