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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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490                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
Figure 1. Straighten the arms and body simulta­neously, until the body assumes posture shown in Figure 2. Return to starting position, without letting the body touch the floor, and alternately raise
Lesson VI—Fig. 1.
and lower the body until tired.
Exercise 2
Place the heels on chair, legs straight, hands resting on floor beneath the back and as far from the chair as they can be placed, body as in Figure
3, weight supported en­tirely by hands and heels. Straighten body and arms simultaneously, and try to lift the body at middle as high as possible, as in Figure 4. Then lower to first position and repeat
Until tired.                                                                  Lesson VI—Fig. 2.
Exercise 3
Take the position shown in Figure 5, the feet resting on a chair, the body with the left side turned towards the floor, the
left hand braced against the floor, the right elbow pointing upward, and the right hand pressing against the right hip. Then straighten the body and left arm simul­taneously until the po-
Lesson vi—Fig. 3.                        sition shown in Figure 6
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