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height of the shoulders twenty times. Then shift the left arm beneath, and repeat twenty times.
Exercise 5
Stand erect, with the heels about four
inches apart. Grasp the bells firmly, arms
Lesson I—Fig. 5.
straight, and held rigid at the sides. Sink
down, by bending the knees, keeping the body vertical, until
in the position shown in Figure 5; then
rise quickly to an erect position. Repeat eight to twenty times.
Exercise 6
Stand erect, with the heels together, the arms pointing straight down at the sides, the muscles held rigid. Hold the hands as nearly as possible in the same position, then simultaneously throw the shoulders and head as far backward as pos­
sible (Fig. 6). Return to the starting position and repeat twenty times.
Lesson I—Fig. 6.
Exercise 1
Stand erect, with the heels together and the arms at the sides. Hold the muscles rigid, throw the shoulders back and rise on the toes, as in Figure 1. Then drop the heels to the floor, bend the body slightly forward, extend the arms forward at an angle of about forty-five degrees, and lift the toes from floor, as in Figure 2. From this position return to the first, and repeat twenty-five to fifty times.
Lesson II—Fig. 1.
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