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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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Exercise 5
Stand erect, with the arms at the sides, the muscles rigid. Then lift the right foot as high as possible, bending the body slightly forward, and endeavoring to make the knee touch the shoulder. Straighten, and bring the other knee up (Fig. 6). Re­peat fifteen times with each leg.
Exercise 6
Stand with the
Lesson II—Fig. 6.
heels a few inches apart, the arms at sides, and the bells gripped firmly. Turn the body to the left and bend sideways, trying to bring the left shoulder and left hip as near together as possible (Fig. 7). Exert the muscles of the left side particularly in making this movement. Then repeat with the right side. Make the movement twelve times on each side.
Lesson II—Fig. 7.
Stand with the heels three or four inches apart, toes turned out, the bells gripped tightly, the arms bent at the elbows until the bells are held in front of the body at the waist. Then step out with the left foot as far as you can, and at the same time strike outward and upward with the right arm to its full length, putting all your force in the blow (Fig. 1) ; return to the starting position, step out with the right foot, and strike with the left hand. In making this move­ment the body should be turned slightly at the waist, throwing the side from which Lesson in—Fig. l.
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