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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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500                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
the blow is delivered to the front. Strike out fifteen times with each hand.
Exercise 2
Stand erect, with the arms at the sides, palms inward. Then raise the arms out­
ward and upward, fully extended, keeping
Lesson III—Fig. 2.
the backs of the hands up, and at the same time drop the head forward, and bend the body slightly at the waist (Fig. 2). Bring the hands to starting position quickly and straighten body. Repeat twenty to thirty times.
Exercise 3
Stand erect, grip the bells tightly, with the elbows pressed close to the sides, the hands pointing straight to the front, the wrists turned in. Exert all the pressure you can against the sides, and, with muscles of the forearms flexed, bend the wrists, bringing the hands as far as pos­sible towards the body, then straighten the wrists (Fig. 4). Continue until tired.
Exercise 4
Lesson III—Fig. 4.
Assume a kneeling position, with the arms straight and the hands gripping the bells tightly, the muscles of the arms and the body flexed, pressing the body forward with the muscles of the thighs and backward with the arms. Then bend the
head as far downward, between the arms, as possible, and throw it as far backward as possible (Fig. 5). Repeat until tired.
Exercise 5
Same position as in the preceding ex­ercise, but twist the head from side to side Lesson ill—Fig. s. twenty times.
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