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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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Exercise 4
Lie on the back with the arms extended straight over the head, as in Fig­ure 4. Raise the arms simultaneously, at full length, and move in half
Lesson IV—Fig. 4.
circle until the bells rest
upon upper part of the thighs; return in similar manner to start­
ing position, and repeat twenty times.
Exercise 5
Lie on the back, the arms bent at the elbows and the bells held above the chest at either side; rise to position shown in
Figure 5, and return to the starting posi­tion. Repeat fifteen to twenty-five times.
Lesson IV—Fig. 5.
Exercise 1
Lie at full length on the stomach, with the arms extended to full length at right angles to the body, as in Figure 1.
Then raise the arms from the
floor backward as far as pos­sible. Repeat fifteen to twen­ty-five times.
Exercise 2
Lesson V—Fig. 1.
Lie on the stomach, with the
arms extended parallel with the body. Raise the hands as far as possible from the floor, as in Figure 2. Repeat twenty times.
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