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T HE promulgation and acceptance of the theory that sys­tematic exercise produces beneficial results in all living beings, has brought more apparent benefit to womankind than any of the innovations of the century. It used to be considered an impossibility for women to compete in the intellectual drill of modern university education with men, because, under the unwonted strain, so many broke down in health, and, conse­quently, in mental vigor. The demonstration of the theorem, that a sound body and a sound mind are co-existent, and the introduction of those habits and exercises which contribute to physical strength, solved the problem. The college woman of to-day, who is a golfer, a walker, and a gymnasium worker, rep­resents, as a class, one of the healthiest the sex presents.
In modern civilized life, woman is a much more artificial animal than man. She has, in fact, in a great many instances, become entirely exotic, or of indoor habits. The result is shown by the vast percentage of invalid women to be found in every community.
Already the results of fugitive efforts to induce women to resort to systematic physical training to give them the strength, health, and beauty that should be their heritage, are bearing fruit; and the stunning athletic girl, with her fine carriage, beautiful complexion, and enviable health, has appeared in every community. Unfortunately, she is oftener envied than emulated. If women would only learn that good circulation, good digestion, and muscular vigor are the chief aids to beauty, as well as to health, there would soon be comparatively few weak, wan, and sickly women in our country.
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