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at the waist, but hold knees rigid till you touch the floor (Fig. 5), or come as near to it as you can. Swing arms back over the head, and repeat ten to thirty times. This exercise may be varied by standing with the feet about fourteen inches apart, and swinging the arms as far between the legs as possible on the downward swing.
Exercise 3
Stand erect, hands clinched, arms straight and inclined downward and
backw a r d
Fig. 4.
as in Fig­ure 6; muscles held firmly flexed, chest thrown forward. Then bring the arms forward and cross them in front of the body, alternating them above and beneath, and cross­ing them as far as possible with­out bending the elbows, as in Figure 7. Return to first position, and repeat twenty to thirty times.
Fig. 5.
Exercise 4
With the body m the position shown in Figure 6, slowly straighten the arms and raise them until they are brought as high as possible, turning the backs of the hands to the front, as the movement is made. Reverse this movement, return to starting position, and repeat ten times.
Fig. 6.
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