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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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Exercise 8
Stand with arms extended as in Figure 11. Turn the body at waist as if on a pivot until right arm points in straight line
Fig. 10.
Fig. 11.
with the toes, then swing left arm to the front and right to the rear. Make this movement fifteen to twenty times.
Exercise 9
Stand as in Figure 13, with the shoulders held as far back as possible, muscles firmly flexed. Turn the arms slowly in­ward, pulling the shoulders as high as possible until position shown in Fig­ure 14 is reached. Relax and begin over again. Repeat six to ten times. Take in a full breath before beginning the movement and exhale slowly as the arms are brought forward to final position.
Exercise 10
Stand erect, arms at sides, hands clinched; step forward with right foot and strike forward and slightly upward with right hand, swinging the left arm                       Fig. 12.
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