320+ Traditional Indoor And Outdoor Games - online book

An Illustrated Collection Of Games & Entertainments For Kids of All Ages
By Mrs. Burton Kingsland, published By Sully And Kleinteich, Circa 1904

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This fantastic collection(600+pages) of traditional games and activities probably includes all those tradition ones that us baby-boomers used to play as kids and have since often forgotten. Or you may like me, find variations of familiar games. Sadly, many of these games have now been forgotten or replaced with "modern" activities which always somehow seem to be geared towards making more money for some corporation, and are usually less healthy and stultifying to the imagination.
If you are involved in organising parties or events for kids or even just a parent looking for things to keep the kids amused, take a look through this collection, you are sure to find something to suit.

The following are the words of the author about her book:

The collection in this little volume is the harvest of the years—from the nursery-days when I learned to depend upon games and plays to teach valuable lessons— sugar-coating the pill—to the present, when I claim to be a veteran hostess of house-parties; and I offer it with the sincere wish that it may carry the same pleasure to others that it has so often given to us. I apologise for the personalities, but thus only can I explain the circumstances under which I learned of some of these games, which were the suggestions of our guests, and I am ignorant otherwise of their source. Some came to me as foundlings and I was obliged to give them names. I hope that I have not trespassed on the preserves of others. Many of the games are original. Some are old ones made over, and others, the heritage of the ages, are too good to be omitted. The enter­tainments, with very few exceptions, are personal ex­periences, and are therefore known to be practical. The wisest of mankind has said that "there is nothing new under the sun"; but, despite this discouraging statement, we may take heart, for he made the remark a long time ago.

In order to accommodate page numbering I have had to move the full page illustrations in this book, to pages 711 to 725, they are mainly photographs of kids in old-fashioned clothes - check them out, they'll make you smile.