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A Foreword
and as umpire be strictly impartial to friends and foes alike, and never lose one's wits for a moment.
One not too timid to make a venture but careful not to be rash or over-confident, amiable under defeat, and a generous antagonist—ready to acclaim the victor who­ever he be, is one to be trusted in matters of graver import.
On the other hand, games of chance, where there is any material advantage to be won, have, as we know, the contrary effect. The easy success encourages a love of accumulation without effort, the excitement of the hazard fosters the greed of gain that costs nothing and makes no demand upon the will-power—relegating the responsibility of success or failure to "luck."
But aside from moral effects, fun—sheer fun—is part of the heritage of the human race, an instinct when we are happy, and few things at our command call forth such spontaneous, fresh-hearted laughter as a good game.
As a means of bringing the members of a household together, establishing companionship between old and young, there is nothing more effective than the common interest and merry emulation enlisted in favourite games.
. No parents can afford to let any other place contain more attractions for their children than their own home, nor should they fail to make themselves a part of those attractions. The family fireside on long winter evenings, or moon-lit gatherings on home piazzas in the pleasant summer air, have been the scenes of frolics, tussles of wits and plays of fancy that have helped to endear home life and to lay up happy memories.
The entertainment of many guests for a week or more at a country house is with us a comparatively
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