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4 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
The following examples—chosen from answers written by persons of average wit—will make the explanation clearer:
What is love? Heart-disease.
What is the heart ? A pendulum.
What is luck ? Other people's success.
What is pluck? Fighting with the scabbard when the sword is broken.
What is a good intention ? A ladder that is too short.
What is the difference between tweedledum and tweedledee ? Just the difference between u and mee.
Are you always of your own opinion ? Yes, when I begin to talk.
How can one best keep a secret ? Forget it.
What is a hobby ? A horse that often rides his rider.
What are ancestors ? Somebodies that make no­bodies somebodies.
Sometimes one person only will write the question, and each of the others writes an answer. For instance:
What is life? A sentence of death. Purgatory. Opportunity.
What is a honeymoon ? The dessert that begins the meal. A trip to Paradise—with a return ticket.
What is ennui? The trouble of those who have no troubles. Idleness, punished by itself. The child of wealth and the mother of mischief.
What is a nose ? A trumpeter. Our National mouth.
Why is there " nothing half so sweet in life as love's young dream"? Because it has not yet become an old nightmare.                                Signed
Mr. Caudle.
The fun is increased if the company try to guess the writers of the definitions, since personality is often unconsciously revealed.
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