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With Pen and Pencil                          5
The players may "match for partners," drawing from two bowls filled with bits of paper, or cards, inscribed with the names of ladies and gentlemen.
Or the hostess may pair her guests with a view to their congeniality by giving to each man upon arrival a card bearing a lady's name and a number.
Chairs are set about the room in couples, back to back or side by side, facing in opposite directions, and upon one of each pair is placed pad, pencil and India-rubber.
The players take their seats and it is then explained to them that one of the partners must think of some simple object which he or she shall describe in such fashion as to enable the other to draw it. No hint or help is to be given, except the bald but accurate description of its outlines.
On no account must the sketch be seen by the coadju­tor until, upon its completion, the name of the object thought of is written at the foot of the paper and the number added which shall identify the artist.
The question as to which one shall make the drawing and which describe the object to be represented must be a matter for the partners themselves to decide.
At the end of fifteen minutes, the hostess rings a bell as a signal for all to hand in their sketches. They are then placed on exhibition, and cards with numbered lines are distributed upon which each person writes his or her vote as to which drawing best depicts the object, the name of which is written beneath it. When the votes are counted, the first prize is awarded to the most successful artist, the second, to his or her partner, in recognition of that person's powers of description.
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