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6 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
To play this game, provide the company with pads and pencils and request that each one shall write an account of some historical event, familiarly known, every word of which shall begin with the same letter. It will be found an easier task if the letter chosen be the initial letter of the subject. A time-limit is set, and at its expiration the essays are read aloud. A secret ballot is taken to determine which narrative is thought to be the most clever. The votes are printed to avoid the recognition of handwriting. These are collected and counted and the writer of the most successful essay is pronounced victor or awarded a prize.
The following examples will explain the modus operandi :
Pocahontas and Captain John Smith : Popular pioneer prostrate, pallid, palpitating. Penalty pending Powhatan's pleasure. Perilous position !
Powerful pagan prince, pugnacious, pig-headed, preju­diced, promptly pronounces "Peeled poll!"
Pathetic plight!
Pocahontas—peerless princess—pale, panting, per­turbed, parts populace, prays piteously proud parent— "Please, papa, pardon poor pilgrim!"
"Pooh," protests Powhatan. "Paltry plunderer! plague ! poltroon ! Perish pernicious pirates ! "
Pocahontas, prone, persists persuasively, plucky partisan! "Promise, papa, please pronounce par­don !"
Powhatan profoundly perplexed.
Praise Providence ! pity prevails !
Powhatan proclaims pardon.
The Discovery of America : Christopher Columbus
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