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With Pen and Pencil
commanding caravels, continues course—cleverly, cour­ageously, conducting cruise.
Crew, chiefly Catalonian criminals—corrupt cravens— challenge Captain's competence, chafe, complain clam­orously — cowardly credulous concerning compass, curiously changed.*
Columbus consults chart carefully, critically consults compass. Consternation concerning compass, curiously changed ! Constantly contemplates constellations.
Cantankerous crew congregate cautiously, call Cap­tain "charlatan !" conspire craftily Columbus's capture.
Columbus, chagrined, chapfallen, convenes crew, concealing choler.
Calmly courteous, counsels courage, claims considera­tion, cleverly counterfeits cheerful confidence. "Com­rades, cowardice creates calamity! "cries Columbus.
Contumacious crew churlishly concede compliance.
Caravels continue course. Columbus controlling con­ditions.
Competent Captain's calculations completely con­firmed ! Courage crowned!
Continental coast clearly conspicuous !
Columbus calls clarion-clear, "Cathay. Cathay! Comrades, come contemplate Cathay!"
Crew crowds, clamorously crying, "Caramba! Car-amba!"
Contrite crew cheers Columbus!
* Note.—Be it explained to any who may not have heard of the circumstance, that John Fiske and others mention that Columbus, having sailed into M the region of no variation," the sailors, and he as well, were dismayed at the action of the compass.
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