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8 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
This is a game for nimble wits, but it is astonishing how nimble very ordinary wits grow in the stimulating society of other wits, when made aware that something is expected of them. Each person is asked in turn to write a new version of an old saw, signing a pseudonym. The papers or cards are then tossed into a basket, from which they are withdrawn by the hostess or leader, who reads them aloud. A vote is then taken by secret ballot as to which parody is the best, and the appreciation of the company then naturally demands the revelation of the incognito.
A little company recently evolved the following— all original but the fifth:
"Too many girls spoil the ball"—Wallflower.
"A rolling gait gathers remorse"—Bacchus.
"Worry makes the hair go"—Elijah.
"All is not youth that titters"—Old Maid.
"A hair in the head is worth two in the brush "— Old Bachelor.
"One swallow does not make a supper"—Hungry Guest.
" Marry for pelf, and divorce at pleasure "—Girl of the Period.
The players are provided with pencils and sheets of paper, and the leader, after telling the limit of time allowed—usually ten minutes—announces a word which each proceeds to inscribe at the top of his or her paper as a starting-point. Then, in perfect silence, each writes down in a column under this word a series of others suggested by it—that is, the second is to be suggested
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