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With Pen and Pencil                        11
7- What noted Swiss was best man?
8.    What two ladies (friends of Donizetti's) were bridesmaids ?
9.    What four Germans acted as ushers?
10.    What mythological personage presided over the music ?
11.    Who sang at the ceremony ?
12.    What noted person from Japan was present?
13.    What famous bells were rung ?
14.    What ship did they take for the wedding trip ?
15.    When on the voyage, who captured them?
16.    What virtue did they practise in captivity?
17.    What gentleman of dark complexion rescued them?
18.    What historical people entertained them in France ?
19.    In Northern Italy what grand affair did they attend ?
20.    Who showed them the sights of Venice ? And the music gave answer, as follows:
1.    Romeo and Juliet.
2.    The Runaway Girl.
3.    A Masked Ball.
4.    Trovatore.
5.    The Bohemian Girl.
6.    Carmen.
7.    William Tell.
8.    Lucia di Lammermoor and Linda di Chamounix.
9.    Lohengrin, Faust, Tannhauser, Siegfried.
10.    Orpheus.
11.    The Meistersinger.
12.    The Mikado.
13.    The Chimes of Normandy.
14.    H. M. S. Pinafore.
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