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i2 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
15.    The Pirates of Penzance.
16.    Patience.
17.    Othello.
18.    The Huguenots.
19.    The Carnival of Venice.
20.    The Gondoliers.
A hostess—with a party of friends on her hands, for whom to find amusement on a hopelessly rainy day— suggested that each one should write a question, bringing in a punning reference to an author's name. These, thrown into a basket, were to be withdrawn at random, and each person was to answer the question on the paper that fell to his or her lot, incorporating in the reply the name of another author.
For their encouragement she cited an example that she had read, which had given her the idea. Once started, they became enthusiastic, and the result of their efforts is here given:
Why did Mark Akenside ? Because he let Rose Terry Cooke.
Where did Henry Cabot Lodge ? In Sir Walter Scott.
What did Harriet Beecher Stowe? Something that should make Leigh Hunt.
Where did E. P. Roe ? To a Shelley shore.
What did Richard Steele? The same that John Home Tooke.
When does Lewis Carroll? When William Dean Ho wells.
What started Walter A. Wyckoff ? The same thing that made Victor Hugo.
When Ouida asks does Samuel Lover, what does he do ? Samuel Smiles.
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