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With Pen and Pencil                        13
Why did not Doctor Johnson Marie Corelli ? Because he loved Hannah More.
What makes Thomas Hardy ? The same regime that makes Edward Everett Hale.
What made Edward Whymper ? Lang pulled Augus­tus Hare.
What agency made Captain Charles King? The enthusiasm that made Alexander Pope.
What happens when John Kendrick Bangs? It makes Richard Savage and drives Oscar Wilde!
What makes Rider Haggard? A little too much "Holland."
What does Anthony Hope ? For the social entrde to Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Can George Augustus Henry Sala boat ? Yes, so as to make Ik Marvel.
What made Mary Mapes Dodge? Why did not Charles Dudley Warner!
What did T. Buchanan Reid ? Mark Twain, but thought John Greenleaf Whittier.
What makes Marian Evans Cross? She is suffering from a Bunyan.
The material seems to be inexhaustible.
In entertaining a party of young persons, where some are diffident and require to be drawn into sociability, some plan of amusement that neces­sitates moving about will be found promotive of enjoyment.
Provide each guest with a large card with pencil attached and announce that a prize will be given to the one who succeeds in obtaining the most autographs of those present in a given time.
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